Bath Ritual Bundle

Detox and reset with Refresh Bath Ritual Bundle. Treat your skin some extra love and renew with this ultimate bath time experience! Put our face clarifying mask on when you soak in Bergamot and Rose bath for 20 minutes. 

Add scoop to a warm bath. Ease into the bath, and soak in for 15 - 20 minutes. Put clarifying mask on face after cleansing.
bath soaks: pink salts, sea salts, rose essential oil, bergamot essential oil. clarifying mask: fruit extracts, AHA, clay.
Your skin is left feeling deep cleansed. Body and mind feel renewed after detoxing.

self care gifts for a relaxed, renewed new year

Detox and refresh from head to toe, smell and feel amazing, and add blissful moments to your self-indulgent routine.

How often shall I have this bundle routine?

Recommend 2-3 times per week.